NEW YORK – Unusual cuts of meat, local butchers and wings, wings and more wings are just a few of the trends in center-of-plate proteins identified by Packaged Facts in its market intelligence report, Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2012.

The nascent food craft do-it-yourself movement, along with the growing popularity of local butcher shops will spur higher-than-usual demand for unusual cuts, species and animal parts, according to Packaged Facts. Also, humanely raised veal will offer more flavor profiles.

Sausages and hot dogs will remain popular among consumers, provided they are affordable and taste good, the report said. Expect to see sausage recipes that incorporate ethnic flavors generating interest.

Chicken wings aren't going anywhere, according to Packaged Facts. Inventiveness in seasonings, marinades and dipping sauce flavors will maintain consumer interest, while savory pies and pastries will appear on more restaurant menus.

Finally, expect to see more Americans visiting farms and taking cooking classes as part of the agritourism trend. For the city dwellers, sustainable urbanism tours will help inform and educate urbanites about raising chickens in the city, composting, and beekeeping.