ATLANTA – Lower-calorie children's meals will be on the menus at Chick-fil-A restaurants as the company joins other eateries in promoting healthy diets.

The company will start offering grilled chicken nuggets Jan. 9. The grilled nuggets will cut the calories and fat in children's meals by more than half, said Woody Faulk, vice president of brand strategy and design. The company will also offer milk, apple juice, lemonade and water to children.

The move builds upon other health initiatives at Chick-fil-A. The company added a fruit cup to its menu in 2004 and started selling multigrain oatmeal in 2011. Chick-fil-A also plans to cut sodium in other menu items, such as char-grilled chicken, dressings, sauces and bread, Faulk said.

Annual sales at Chick-fil-A grew 11 percent to about $3.5 billion in 2010, according to the company. Faulk said the new children's meals would not affect sales.

“It’s going to have a neutral financial impact,” he said.