SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. – M&Q Packaging Corporation has launched its recyclable MQ120 Oven Bag for poultry, as well as beef and pork products, such as ribs and roasts. Developed with performance and sustainability as priorities, this ovenable bag is made from a proprietary material that gives processors measurable yield and processing efficiencies, superior cook-in performance while enhancing green initiatives, according to the company.

The bag features an outer layer of blended polyester co-polymer made from renewable canola oil and an inner layer of polyester making the bag recyclable under the SPI resin identification code (RIC) of number 1. This pioneering effort has produced a carbon footprint reduction of 65 percent when compared to customary oven bags, according to the company.

Unlike most vacuum-barrier bags, the MQ120 is a high-temperature structure – oven-safe up to and including 400°F for foodservice or consumer use. Its ability to withstand high oven temperatures for sustained periods coupled with its non-shrink performance creates a predictable high-temperature environment around the meat that speeds cooking times for products like whole chickens from four hours to 90 minutes.

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