WARRIEWOOD, Australia – According to an Australian ingredient company, elements of fresh kiwi extract are effectively being used to tenderize meat and poultry products. Ingredient Resources, Australia, has achieved record worldwide sales growth of 50 percent during the last 18 months for its Kiwi Fruit Powder Extract, a 100 percent natural meat tenderizer, which is now being used in various cuts of meat, poultry and seafood products. The company is forecasting continued high demand for this ingredient.

KFPE OT1005X is manufactured in New Zealand by Cuisine Resources, who pioneered the technology in the late 1990’s. As the manufacturer’s exclusive international agent, Ingredient Resources supplies KFPE OT1005X to meat, poultry and seafood processors globally.

This ingredient was developed to overcome challenges many meat processors face regarding unreliable quality of many cuts and the long times needed to achieve satisfactory levels of tenderness. Derived from fresh green kiwi fruit, the extract’s active component is the natural protease enzyme actinidin, which is mainly found in this fruit species. The extract is manufactured using a proprietary process without chemicals or solvents. As the final extract is standardized, its activity level is consistent and unaffected by seasonal variations during the growing season.

Unlike any other natural protease enzyme, such as papain or bromelain, KFPE OT1005X, has a temperature activity range of 2ºC (35.6°F) and deactivates at approximately 38ºC (100.4°F). It reaches peak activity at 20ºC (68°F). This makes the extract the first natural commercial product, which tenderizes at low temperatures while also keeping micro loads at low levels. The extract is acid and salt tolerant, and compatible with phosphates and spices.

KFPE OT1005X is designed to tenderize and then consume itself so there is no need for elevated temperatures to kill the activity – a significant problem with other natural enzymes. Equally important, this ensures there is no live enzyme present when the treated meat cut reaches the marketplace.

“The recent surge in sales of this kiwi fruit powder extract is remarkable and we’ve seen a particular lift in the meat industry,” said Dennis Chesser, CEO. “We anticipate continued growth in its popularity as more and more meat processors experience the vital role it plays in helping them tenderize and upgrade all types of cheaper cuts.

“Widespread interest in the product has led to numerous scientific trials, with research currently underway in the UK, Europe and the Americas,” he added.