TORONTO – The new May Family Farms brand has launched with a line of 11 chicken deli meats featuring only natural ingredients. The new brand was developed to meet consumer requests for healthier and gluten-free deli meat options. The May family that has owned and operated Maple Lodge Farms for more than 50 years and widely regarded as chicken experts, responded by creating this new portfolio brand for Canadian families. These products are currently available at major grocery chains throughout Canada.

May Family Farms produce chicken deli meats made from a simple recipe of wholesome chicken breast and authentic spices and flavors. This new line-up of chicken deli meats is the only gluten-free deli brand to feature so many flavor options, according to the company.

"As a family-run company, we want to offer Canadian families the best quality products that meet the evolving needs of Canadian families. We know our customers want a greater selection of foods made with wholesome, natural ingredients and this is why we took great care and time to develop a chicken deli meat that truly delivers this,", said Luana Guglielmi, head of marketing, May Family Farms. "We are creating healthy deli options that Canadians can trust and enjoy."

The flavors in this new line include Original, Smoked, Cajun, Lime & Herb, BBQ Brown Sugar, BBQ Hot & Spicy, Thai, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Bombay and Shawarma.

In celebration of this new chicken deli-meat line, May Family Farms has kicked-off its Back to School-Sandwich Shout Out Facebook contest. Canadians are asked to enter their favorite sandwich recipes for a chance to win a year's supply of the new gluten-free chicken deli meats, a $500 grocery gift card and a gourmet Panini press. Entrants are asked to provide the name of their sandwich recipe, share why the recipe deserves to win and list ingredients and preparation instructions. The contest runs until Oct. 31. Winners will be announced on Nov. 15.

The winning recipe will also be featured in upcoming May Family Farms promotions. For entry details and to receive a $1 off coupon on May Family Farms new line of chicken deli meat,