WASHINGTON – A comment period on a proposed rule announced this summer to establish common or usual names for raw meat and poultry products that include injections, marinades or have otherwise incorporated added solutions (“enhanced products”) is being extended by The Food Safety and Inspection Service.

FSIS will publish a Federal Register notice reopening the comment period for 60 days, beginning when the notice publishes. In the interim, FSIS will continue to accept comments after the initial deadline of Sept. 26. In August, the American Meat Institute requested a 60-day extension of the comment period for this proposed rule.

Comments can be submitted through the Federal eRulemaking Portal athttp://www.regulations.gov/, or mailed to the USDA, FSIS, Docket Clearance Unit, 8-164, Patriots Plaza III, 355 E St., SW, Washington, DC 20024. All comments must identify docket number FSIS-2010-0012.

Click here to read the proposed rule.