TORONTO — Patented photo dynamic compounds (PDCs) showed an ability to destroy bacteria, includingEserichia coli, when light activated in research performed under the direction of Arkady Mandel, chief scientific officer of Theralase Technologies Inc. Future potential applications for the newly discovered use of PDC technology include the sterilization of food processing equipment as well as the sterilization of hospital treatment rooms and medical equipment, according to Theralase Technologies, which owns the patents to the PDCs.

“Our research has repeatedly demonstrated that our photo dynamic therapy [PDT] destruction ofE. colibacteria is effective and represents a significant opportunity in the area of disinfection and sterilization of bacterial pathogens that may cause serious and potentially life-threatening illness,” Dr. Mandel said.

Toronto-based Theralase Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and markets patented laser technology that is used in the treatment of chronic pain, neural muscular-skeletal conditions and wound care.

“We are encouraged that our patented photo dynamic compounds are proving effective in so many varied applications,” said Roger Dumoulin-White, president and chief executive officer of Theralase Technologies. “Not only are these PDCs being shown to be effective in the destruction of cancer cells, but now they are also being shown to be effective in the destruction of various types of bacteria, includingListeriaandE. Coli.

“Commercialization of these technologies becomes more and more apparent as our research and development progresses, allowing us the opportunity to introduce these technologies to the world in a variety of diverse applications,” he concluded.