SAN ANTONIO – Eighteen states have been added to the San Antonio-based Kiolbassa Provision Company territory through a total of 55 Costco stores added this week and a 73-store deal with Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club stores in May, said Michael Kiolbassa, president.

Kiolbassa brand sausage is made with choice beef and pork, fresh spices, and has no fillers or MSG, and is naturally smoked and gluten-free.

“Our products are the perfect fit for health-conscious families and consumers, in general, who are preparing meals at home more often because of today’s challenging economy,” Kiolbassa said.

The 128-store Kiolbassa footprint outside Texas now includes Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi.

“This expansion beyond Texas represents another giant step forward in our national distribution strategy,” said the third-generation leader of the family-owned company.

This year, the 25,000-sq.-ft. Texas plant expects to produce more than 10.5 million lbs. of sausage to be sold in 20 states.

Kiolbassa is available in 1,255 stores including the 55 Costco stores, which will carry the 7-inch Polish sausage. A list of products, company history, recipes, and state-by-state distribution can be found online