NORTH VANCOUVER, BC – Barbecue evangelist Ronnie Shewchuk has teamed up again with his Natural Champions partner, Denzel Sandberg, to introduce Perfect Pulled Pork to British Columbia consumers. This all-natural product is made from BC-raised pork shoulder roasts that are seasoned, slow-smoked with hickory wood and finished with Ronnie & Denzel's Natural Champions BBQ Sauce.

"Not many people have the patience, knowledge or equipment to make real, slow-smoked Southern-style barbecue at home, and the quality of pulled pork sandwiches in restaurants is hit-and-miss," Shewchuk said. "Now you can eat real, championship-quality barbecue any time. All you have to do to enjoy Perfect Pulled Pork is heat it and eat it."

Perfect Pulled Pork comes frozen in 1 lb. packages that can be reheated on a stovetop or in a microwave. “The suggested retail price is $19.95 [US$20.12] for a 1lb. package, which is enough for at least four sandwiches,” Shewchuk told