DALLAS – From July through September, Pizza Patrón is offering its new Toluqueña pizza, featuring pepperoni, ham and the company's new chorizo. The Toluqueña pizza is a part of Pizza Patrón's strategy to bring a piece of home to its foreign-born customers and to introduce Americans to the flavors of Mexico and Latin America.

"We took the popular US three-meat pizza concept and inserted a true Latin flavor," said Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. "Our Toluqueña pizza spotlights our new chorizo, which was developed to adhere to the quality standards of Toluca, Mexico, known worldwide for its chorizo."

The Toluqueña pizza is available for $6.99 for the extra-large pizza familia (family size), and includes a side of jalapeños.

"The word from our franchise partners is that the Toluqueño pizza is off to a better-than-expected start," Gamm said. "The option to top your pizza with chorizo has been a hallmark of Pizza Patrón for years and this new recipe gives our customers, particularly our foreign-born ones, exactly what they have been asking for."