PETALUMA, Calif. –Referring to itself as the first organic chicken company in the US, Petaluma Poultry has adopted the HarvestMark program, a fresh food traceability solution from YottaMark Inc. This technology empowers consumers to use smartphones to trace the origins of the food they are purchasing while shopping in-store.

Here’s how the technology works. Consumers download the free HarvestMark App, available for the iPhone and Android, to instantly Trace Our Tracks and know where the chicken in their package came from. Petaluma Poultry’s Rosie Organic Free Range Chicken will be the first of the company’s lines to embrace this unprecedented level of food sourcing transparency.

By scanning the HarvestMark QR code on the product’s label, shoppers can learn background about how, when and where their food was grown. Shoppers can even browse photos of the ranch where their chicken was raised at Food safety status and recipes are also available within the HarvestMark system.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the origins of the food they buy,” said Mike Leventini, Petaluma Poultry president. “We are proud to be the first national organic poultry company to work with HarvestMark to empower shoppers with this new level of traceability and transparency.”

"Companies that are transparent about their product's history help demystify the farm-to-fork process and build trust with shoppers," said J. Scott Carr, president and CEO of YottaMark. "We are proud to partner with Petaluma Poultry to offer customers the opportunity to connect directly with the people who produce their chicken.”

Rosie Organic Chicken featuring HarvestMark codes will be available this spring at select natural food stores and mainstream markets in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.