KENT, Washington — Oh Boy, Oberto! is launching a new all-natural jerky line in six flavors — original beef jerky, teriyaki beef jerky, peppered beef jerky, hickory beef jerky, BBQ pork jerky and teriyaki turkey jerky.

“Jerky has long been a popular high-protein snack, but most products on the market also contained a lot of artificial ingredients — the big ones being hydrolyzed vegetable protein and corn syrup — so it really wasn’t all that good for you,” said Tom Ennis, chief executive officer of Oberto Brands. “Oberto’s new all-natural jerky line is much better tasting, has an improved, richer texture and is a more healthful option for snackers. It’s simple — when you use more pure, wholesome ingredients, you get a better product with better taste.”

The jerky is available in 3.25-oz packages for $5.99, and 1.5-oz and 9-oz packs also will be available.