LOUISVILLE, KY. — Kentucky Fried Chicken is launching a value menu, which includes an assortment of 10 menu items priced at 99c, $1.49 or $1.99.

"In these economic times, KFC understands that Americans crave great value, and the new KFC Ultimate Value Menu provides many of our priceless KFC favorites, including the Original Recipe KFC Snacker, starting at 99c."

The menu includes KFC Snacker Sandwiches, two biscuits and two apple turnovers as 99c products; a side salad and the KFC Toasted Wrap as $1.49 products; and Snack Boxes (including Popcorn Chicken with Potato Wedges and Three Hot Wings with Potato Wedges), Snack Size Bowls and the Honey BBQ Sandwich as $1.99 products.