JÖNKÖPING, SWEDEN – Danish Crown AmbA, based in Randers, Denmark, opened a new case-ready production facility in Jönköping Feb. 10. This production facility, which employs 112 people, will supply a variety of case-ready meat to Swedish retail chain Axfood and is the most modern case-ready production facility in Sweden and Europe, according to the company. The plant will also pack most of the meat distributed and sold in the Swedish shops Willys and Hemköp in the future.

"We will see new and different cuts, sausage products and also seasonal adjusted products such as barbecue products in the summer and Christmas products at Christmas. This means that we are able to offer our customers a more attractive assortment," said Torbjörn Lithell, meat product manager for Axfood.

Axfood chose Danish Crown as its meat-packing partner because the company has the most modern solutions and the highest quality pre-packed meat, according to a news release. Danish Crown operates several other case-ready production plants in Europe.

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