SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – One unidentified southwest Missouri poultry farm culled thousands of young turkeys to stop the potential spread of avian flu, according to theKansas City Star. The affected farm in Polk County raises turkeys for Cargill, which said up to 15,000 infected young birds would be culled and buried. The farm has been quarantined.

“It's true. It's H7N3,” Cargill spokesman Mike Martin confirmed to MEATPOULTRY.com. “It was discovered via routine pre-harvest testing. No actual flu was found, but antibodies in the birds' immune system indicated they were exposed.”

Culling the infected birds will protect other flocks from the viral disease. Federal agriculture officials have found no sign of the flu in 13,000 adult turkeys at the farm.

“Adult Toms were harvested April 1,” Martin said. “USDA said the meat is fine. Young birds were euthanized late yesterday as a precaution to prevent the potential spread. The source of the influenza is unknown.”