MILFORD, Conn. – Subway restaurants has reduced sodium in its Subway Fresh Fit sandwich choices by 28%. The Subway brand has already removed 15% of sodium across the board in its core sandwiches to provide customers more nutritious options and help lower sodium intake on a national scale. These reduced sodium offerings eliminate 450 tons of sodium annually compared to sodium levels in their products three years ago.

Elizabeth Stewart, Subway marketing director who oversees all sustainability and wellness efforts, told “We did extensive consumer and market testing to ensure that the sodium reductions are as imperceptible as possible and do affect taste, texture or food quality. The products taste as good as before just with less sodium. It’s a thing of beauty.”

Over the years, consumers have looked to Subway for fresh and healthier food options, said Tony Pace, franchisee advertising fund chief marketing officer. “In a continual effort to exceed their expectations, we felt it was important to take this leadership role in terms of sodium reduction," he added.

Subway executives said the company is committed to support the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI). The brand has already met the 2012 sodium benchmarks and will meet the 2014 benchmarks set forth. The company is working on future sodium reductions as well as identifying opportunities to further enhance its nutritious offerings.

“Sodium plays an important role in proper nutrition; but since most adults consume much more than the recommended limit of salt each day, people of all ages and health levels can benefit reducing their sodium,” said Lanette Kovachi, MS, RD, Subway corporate dietician. “Reducing the sodium intake can play an important role in reducing risk factors that can lead to heart disease.”