DENVER – Jessica Julca, the US Meat Export Federation’s new representative for South America, sees great much potential for US beef and pork exports in her home region. Julca is based in Lima, Peru.

She has a strong meat science background and an extensive food industry resume including experience during the past decade as a meat distributor, rice importer and industry consultant. Dynamic economic growth in several South American countries is leading to a higher standard of living and a growing middle class. Such growth creates growth opportunities for US beef and pork, which enjoy an excellent reputation in the region for quality and consistency. Trade agreements have also reduced tariffs and other trade obstacles, making the region a much more attractive target for US exports.

“In South America, we have a population of 387 million people,” she said. “We have an average meat consumption of 22 kilograms per year. But Peru’s meat consumption is only 4 kilograms per year so we have great potential there. In South America, we have the most dynamic economies in the world.

“I’m glad to have this position,” she added. “I look forward to working with all of the members in order to take advantage of the markets for beef and pork here in South America. We have substantial market opportunities because US products are held in high regards in South America, particularly beef. And trade agreements grant preferential treatments for US products. so we have to take advantage of this in the future.”