MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Extreme Pita has launched six new menu items that meet the nutrient criteria of the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check program. Operating more than 265 Extreme Pita locations across North America, the company is the first large quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain in Canada to join Health Check.

The new menu items are (adult menu) grilled chicken and Thai Beef Pitas; and (kids menu) Sweet Little Chicken, BBQ4U, Beefosaurus Rex, Fee-Fi-and Fo- Hummus. All items meet the Health Check standards for various nutrient criteria, including sodium and fat. Extreme Pita will now also prominently display the nutritional and caloric information of all its pitas on its store menus – the only QSR in Canada to do so.

"Extreme Pita has always stood for inspired healthy eating and our new menu items set a whole new standard of transparency to help customers make informed decisions," said Alex Rechichi, CEO and co-founder, Extreme Brandz. "Maintaining good health is a top priority for Canadians. It's time that the fast-food industry keeps up with what is happening in food labeling by revealing and detailing calories and sodium percentages clearly on their menus.

"I challenge all QSRs in Canada to follow suit – if these restaurant chains have nothing to hide, they shouldn't have a problem with fully disclosing all factors in [their menus]," he added.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check Program was created to help Canadians make healthy choices. The Foundation's team of registered dietitians evaluate each grocery product or restaurant menu item against nutrient criteria. If they meet these standards, they are allowed to join the program.