WOOSTER, Ohio – The Certified Angus Beef brand and the James Beard Foundation have partnered to launch JBF’s first pop-up store and restaurant. Located in New York City’s Chelsea Market, the city’s historic meatpacking district, JBF LTD plans to open April 12 and feature the branded beef in a butcher shop, as well as on lunch and dinner menus. Shoppers will be greeted by family ranchers who raise premium beef, and the butchers and chefs who prepare and serve this beef in the finest restaurants and steakhouses.

“Sharing our story with consumers in this unique venue adds value to the brand for our partners nationwide,” said John Stika, president of Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB). “We’re excited to align the brand with the foremost culinary organization and to share our premium beef story – from gate to plate – with culinary influencers and food connoisseurs.”