OTTAWA, ONTARIO – The H5 avian influenza virus has been confirmed in a second commercial poultry operation in southern British Columbia by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The flock was tested as part of the surveillance activities within three kilometers of the commercial poultry operation where low-pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza was detected on Jan. 24.

So far, tests indicate that the strain of avian influenza on the new premises is also low pathogenic and similar to the original strain identified on the index premises. More tests are being made to confirm the precise subtype and strain of the virus.

Every bird on the newly infected premises will be humanely euthanized and disposed of in accordance with provincial environmental regulations and internationally accepted disease-control guidelines. Once all birds have been removed, the C.F.I.A. will oversee the cleaning and disinfection of the facilities.

Movement restrictions on commercial operations within three kilometers of the new infected premises are in effect to limit any potential virus spread.

Three farms outside the three-kilometer radius around the first infected premises recently completed a 21-day monitoring period and met the requirements for quarantine release. Meanwhile, 33 farms are still under quarantine as a result of the first detection.

Animal health and public health authorities from the Province of British Columbia, local poultry specialists and industry are collaborating in this response effort.

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