CHICAGO – As demand for premium hamburger products increases, Provisur Technologies is inviting red meat processors to enroll in its Formula For The Perfect Burger Webinar, scheduled for May 18. It begins at noon Eastern Time and will last approximately 40 minutes. A 10-minute Q&A session will follow.

The presentation intends to uncover the secrets of getting the most out of raw materials and producing the highest-quality end product. The definition of a premium burger is continuously evolving. Five years ago, it was a standard patty with premium toppings on a premium bun. Today’s premium burger is focused on the product texture. The patties have to cook evenly and offer a consistent, tender bite. Whether discussing mega- or mini-burgers, every step of the process – from raw material to finished product – is more important than ever.

Moderator Tom Tonra, forming product manager at Provisur Technologies, will discuss a variety of technologies and solutions for making the perfect burger. He will cover proper product preparation, raw material selection, best practice, pre-grind, mixing, final grind, bone and hard tissue removal, the forming process and value-added options.

The Webinar will be backed by the grinding and mixing knowledge of Weiler, the bone and hard tissue removal expertise of Beehive and the forming insights of Formax. Tonra’s instruction will focus on helping attendees boost their productivity, lower their cost of ownership and elevate their quality to produce the perfect burger. He will further demonstrate how today’s technologies work together seamlessly for enhanced product quality and a better bottom line.

Visitwww.perfectburgerformula.comfor more information and to sign up for this exclusive Webinar. For more information, phone Tonra at (708) 479-3572.