ATLANTA – Wendy’s International Inc. has signed a long-term agreement with Wenphil Corporation to significantly expand Wendy’s brand presence in the Philippines. The agreement with Wenphil, a Wendy’s franchisee since 1983, involves developing 44 additional restaurants, which would increase the total number of Wendy’s locations in the country to 75.

Part of the agreement calls for Wenphil expanding outside of Metro Manila into other cities and regions in the Philippines through the use of sub-franchising.

“We’re delighted to renew our franchise relationship with Wendy’s and we’re excited about the opportunity to further expand our business in the Philippine market through innovative use of sub-franchising,” said Elizabeth Pardo-Orbeta, chairman of Wenphil Corporation. “While continuing to serve our customers in the Metro Manila area, we look forward to bringing Wendy’s fresh, high-quality food to other potential growth areas throughout the Philippines.”

Since June 2009, Wendy’s/Arby’s Group subsidiaries have signed new development agreements for portions of the Middle East and North Africa, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, the Eastern Caribbean and, mostly recently, Argentina.

“Our international presence would grow to almost 1,000 restaurants if all store commitments currently on the books were to be fulfilled,” van Ligten said.