WASHINGTON – US exports of poultry, eggs and related products in 2010 totaled $6.804 billion, four-tenths of 1% above the $6.779 billion in 2009, according to the Feb. 11 edition of the Washington Report from the National Chicken Council.

Poultry meat continues to account for most of the total poultry and egg exports, with poultry meat exports reaching $3.913 billion last year, down one-tenth of 1% from $3.917 billion in 2009. Eggs and egg product exports were $363 million, up 4.3%, while prepared poultry and sausages exports in 2010 were $337 million, up 3.7% from 2009. The value of live poultry was $176 million, an increase of $1 million. Exports of feathers and down were flat at $5 million.

December 2010 chicken exports totaled 316,922 metric tons valued at $343.29 million compared with December 2009 exports of 291,985 tons valued at $314.23 million, an increase of 8.5% in quantity and 9.2% in value. Broiler parts led the way in December 2010 with 296,982 tons valued at $306.13 million, up 8.3% from the 274,247 tons in December 2009 and 9.6% from $279.32 million in value. Exports of whole chickens rose 26.4% in quantity and 28.8% in value, while prepared chicken and sausages declined, dropping 8.1% in tonnage and 4.3% in value.

From January through December 2010, chicken exports totaled 3,499,923 metric tons valued at $3.792 billion compared with 3,687,543 tons valued at $3.848 billion for calendar year 2009, a decrease of 5.1% in quantity and 1.5% in value. Broiler parts exports mirrored the overall chicken category with the quantity down 5.1% and the value down 1.5%. Whole chickens decreased 4.9% in quantity and 5% in value, while prepared chicken and sausages lost 4.2% in quantity but registered a 1.2%gain in value when 2010 is compared with 2009.

Russia was the top broiler parts market In December, taking 74,571 metric tons valued at $74.45 million, an increase of 63.6% in quantity and 89.4% in value over December 2009. Parts to Hong Kong, the second-largest parts market in December 2010, increased 186.9% in quantity and 190.1% in value over December 2009.