SPRINGDALE, Ark. – A new documentary that takes a new look at how historical virtues are practiced in a modern business environment features Tyson Foods Inc. Produced by PBS station WFYI of Indianapolis, the one-hour program explores how virtues, such as respect, patience, compassion, forgiveness and humility, influence an organization’s priorities and “elevate” its vision and mission.

In the opening moments of the documentary, it is stated “…more leaders are looking to enrich their mission and re-evaluate the ways in which they do business. In turn, they are dedicating themselves to cultivating a corporate culture rooted in virtue, character and ethics.”

Titled “Taking Care of the Team,” the Tyson segment features Chairman John Tyson, President and CEO Donnie Smith and Chaplain Rick McKinnie. It references Tyson’s ‘Core Values’ and efforts to provide a ‘faith-friendly’ work environment, as well as the company’s emphasis on teamwork.