PARIS – New factors including globalization, climate change, increasing concentrations of animals and humans and the destruction of ecosystems are increasing human and animal health risks on a worldwide scale. All countries must prepare themselves by modifying their governance to meet these challenges, urged Dr. Bernard Vallat, Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), during a recent press briefing.

"An analysis of the latest epidemiological events clearly demonstrates the need for urgent action on veterinary governance on a worldwide scale, to deal with the new risks arising from human activity, global warming or globalization," he warned.

Food insecurity now adds to the health risks. Estimates claim that animal diseases are responsible for losses of more than 20% in the production of milk, eggs or meat around the world.

"Effectively controlling these diseases would make a major contribution to the fight against world hunger and the reduction of poverty" Dr. Vallat said.

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