WASHINGTON – FSIS Notice 08-11: Inspection Responsibilities and Authorities for Slaughter or Evisceration Line Speed Process Control has been issued by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the American Meat Institute relays. The notice was issued in response to questions raised by inspection program personnel (IPP) regarding their authorities to slow or stop lines.

Inspectors-in-Charge (IICs) or Public Health Veterinarians (PHVs) are to slow maximum line speeds when process control of line speeds is not maintained because of inconsistencies in size, weight, class of animal or bird, health, pathology, contamination, sanitary dressing or presentation (9 CFR 381.65(a), 381.67, 381.68, 381.76 and 310.1(b) (1)), according to the notice,.

PHVs or IICs are to ensure that IPP can perform a post-mortem inspection of poultry and livestock carcasses at all times.

On-line inspectors are to stop the line for safety and health reasons needing immediate intervention, such as preventing injury due to malfunctioning of automated shackles, saws, or other equipment or accidental splashing of bile or fluid in the eyes. On-line inspectors do not have the authority to slow line speeds.

The Office of Policy and Program Development, along with the Office of Program Evaluation and Enforcement Review, will conduct a web based survey within two weeks of issuing this notice to assess its effectiveness. 

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