OMAHA, Neb. – ConAgra Foods is launching, a website designed to make it easy for consumers to find hundreds of recipes for quick, easy dinners – plus it also shows them where they can buy the ingredients on special at local grocers.

“Many consumers just don’t have time to plan all of their meals in advance,” said Brett Groom, vice president of media, digital and social media at ConAgra Foods. “We found that more than 50% of the time, they make that decision within an hour of having dinner. With such little time to plan and prepare, it’s important to have quick meal ideas at the ready, using items they’re likely to have on hand. We keyed in on these consumer behaviors when developing ReadySetEat, with a focus on convenience, value and nutrition.”

All recipes on

  • Take less than 30 minutes pantry to plate or prep time (or 15 minutes of simple prep plus time to bake or slow cook). 
  • Need no more than seven ingredients.
  •  Contain common items most people have on hand.

One key barrier to consumers trying new recipes are the risks they won’t turn out or the family won’t like them. ReadySetEat focuses on linking recipes with individual tastes and lifestyles through the Shared Tastes panel of contributors – a diverse mix of bloggers who fall into different lifestyle categories, like “working mom,” “health conscious,” and “cooking for two.”

This panel offers reviews on the taste, speed and ease of preparation, and all other users are invited to rate and review recipes as well.

Through a partnership with GroceryServer, each recipe page on highlights the ingredients that are currently on sale at consumers’ local grocer based on their ZIP code and selected preferred store. This unique on-sale feature provides this information for any ingredient that’s on sale locally, not just ConAgra Foods brands.

“If a selected recipe calls for Hunt’s tomatoes or chicken breasts, for example, the site lets you know if those items are on sale at your local grocer,” Groom said. “The site helps save time and money by offering wholesome, easy-to-prepare meal ideas for your family at a great value.” was built based on consumer research around interactive needs, as well. An advanced search option lets users find recipes that target specific nutrition needs like recipes that are higher in fiber, calcium and antioxidants, lower in calories or fat or carbohydrate-controlled.

The site also is a place consumers can learn about ConAgra Foods and its brands, current brand promotions and coupons and suggestions for comparable quick and delicious frozen meals and entrées from Healthy Choice and Marie Callender’s.