SMITHFIELD, VIRGINIA, U.S. — Thirty-six new I.S.O. 14001 environmental certifications at Smithfield Foods Inc. facilities in the U.S. and Europe were announced. The newly-certified facilities include 14 U.S. plants, 21 farms and subsidiary Smithfield Prod's facility in Romania. At present, Smithfield Foods’ I.S.O. 14001-certified locations total 578 worldwide.

"For years, Smithfield Foods has been recognized as a leader in the meat industry, and it is gratifying that we continue to be recognized as an industry leader in environmental stewardship," said C. Larry Pope, president and chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods. "I.S.O. certification acknowledges that Smithfield Foods meets a stringent set of internationally respected environmental management standards."

I.S.O. 14001 is the international gold standard for environmental management, the company relayed. The International Organization for Standardization (I.S.O.), based in Geneva, Switzerland, promotes developing and implementing voluntary international standards for an environmental management system (E.M.S.). A facility receiving I.S.O. certification has implemented an E.M.S. that includes formalized practices to protect the environment, including manure handling, waste treatment systems, water conservation, sanitation and good housekeeping practices.

Smithfield Foods' commitment to I.S.O. certification began in 2001 when it started voluntarily implementing a comprehensive E.M.S. on all of its Murphy-Brown hog farms. Subsequently Murphy-Brown, Smithfield Foods' livestock production subsidiary, became the world's first livestock production company to receive I.S.O. certification of its E.M.S.

Smithfield Foods' evolution of its environmental policy continued when in 2005, the company became the first in its industry to achieve I.S.O. 14001 certification for all of its U.S. hog production and processing facilities, other than new acquisitions.

Dennis Treacy, vice-president, environmental and corporate affairs for Smithfield Foods, said I.S.O. certification plays an important role in the company's environmental policy. "Environmental stewardship is an important part of the Smithfield Foods business model," he added. "We commend our employees for their hard work in helping the Smithfield Foods family of companies achieve this prestigious certification."

Smithfield’s newly-certified facilities are:

  • John Morrell/Armour Eckrich — Junction City, Kan.; Mason City, Iowa; Omaha, Neb.; Peru, Ind.; St. Charles, Ill.; and St. James, Minn.
  • John Morrell/Patrick Cudahy — 814 Americas, Elizabeth, N.J.
  • John Morrell — Premium Pet Health LLC, Denver, Colo.; Premium Pet Health LLC, Sioux City, Iowa
  • Smithfield Packing Company — Middlesboro and Grayson, Ky.
  • Farmland Foods/Cook's Ham — Lincoln, Neb.; Martin City, Kan.
  • Duplin Marketing — Rose Hill, N.C.
  • Murphy Brown L.L.C. — Premium Standard Farms, 21 farms
  • Smithfield Prod — Timisoara, Romania

In order to win I.S.O. certification, a company must meet a rigorous and comprehensive set of requirements and criteria developed by more than 2,000 experts worldwide. The certification process is conducted by an accredited third-party auditor and ensures that anyone receiving certification has mechanisms in place to ensure, and move beyond, environmental compliance.