WAGGA WAGGA, Australia – Cargill Beef Australia has launched its premium grain-fed beef brand named Riverine Tender Cut Beef exclusive to Woolworths. Five-hundred and seven Woolworth stores started carrying the new cuts last week. Riverine Tender Cut Beef is produced from British breed cattle that have been raised and finished in southern Australia.

This brand is the culmination of 18 months of research and testing to provide beef cuts that have superior eating quality and uniqueness, said Andrew Negline, Cargill Beef Australia corporate brands manager.

“We have reviewed and upgraded many facets of our beef preparation processes to deliver a consistent, high-quality eating experience for Woolworths and their customers,” he added. “Our new retail brand is exclusive to Woolworths. Riverine Tender Cut Beef encapsulates everything we know about breeding, feeding and processing cattle. This brand has a number of distinct features. For a start, it is produced from only southern-bred cattle raised and fed in the Riverina region. British Breed cattle, such as the Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn breeds, are renowned for their superior quality.

“Cattle are purchased on-farm from selected growers and are then grain fed for up to 120 days at the Cargill’s own feedlot at Jindalee to insure the highest possible quality products,” he continued. “Finished cattle are then sent to Cargill's Wagga Wagga processing plant, which has recently undergone a $35 million [US$35.5 million] refurbishment.”

Riverine Tender Cut Beef fulfilled all the requirements to ensure a superior eating experience, as set out by Meat Standards Australia, Negline said Developed by Meat & Livestock Australia (MSA), this internationally acclaimed grading system predicts eating quality based on consumer expectations for tenderness, flavor and juiciness.

“The MSA system considers a wide range of production, processing and carcass factors that have been scientifically-proven to affect eating quality,” Negline said. “Cargill Beef Australia carefully manages the every stage of the process, from the paddock to the plate, to ensure Riverine Tender Cut Beef meets these stringent requirements.

Cargill will support the exclusive Woolworths brand with in-store layout, consumer leaflets and in-store demonstrations where customers can try the beef before they buy it, as well as a full interactive and dynamic Web site featuring the latest in recipes and cooking tips.