SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Tyson Foods plans to launch a new promotion featuring savings on wings, boneless wings and 7UP brand beverages for the football season leading up to the Super Bowl playoff game in February. Approximately 8,000 stores nationwide will participate in this promotion.

When buying Tyson Wings or Boneless Wings from the deli along with two-liters or one six-pack half liter of 7UP, Sunkist Soda, Canada Dry, A&W, or Sun Drop beverages, in-store coupons will save consumers $1.50.

"This promotion is geared at making entertaining during the big game easier for consumers," said Eric Le Blanc, director of sales development for Tyson Deli. "This offer will allow them to save on football party essentials — wings and drinks."

Tyson plans to launch this promotion on the DeliAnytime facebook page, with exclusive video and content plus more ways to save money, the company said.