WASHINGTON – On Nov. 15, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service bought chicken and chicken products (see chart below) for distribution to the child nutrition and other related domestic food assistance programs. Deliveries will be made from Dec., 16 to Dec. 31, according to the Nov. 18 Washington Report from the National Chicken Council.

A total of 288,000 lbs. of oven-roasted chicken and 80,000 lbs. of chicken leg quarters were not bought since no bids were received. A total of 324,000 lbs. of oven-roasted chicken were not purchased due to vendors meeting their maximum constraints. The complete purchase report for the consumer pack whole chicken can be found on www.ams.usda.gov/commoditypurchasing.

 Product  Lbs.  Award Prices  Total Dollars
Chicken Legs
 432,000  $0.7250 – $0.7250  $313,200.00
Oven Roasted 
 360,000  $2.3402-$2.3899  $850,626.00
Chicken Small Chilled-Bulk  288,000  $0.7619-$0.7619  $219,427.20
Chicken Cut-Up  280,000  $0.8510-$0.9054   $248,004.00
Chicken Large Chilled-Bulk  216,000  $0.7229-$0.7229  $156,146.40
TOTAL  1,576,000    $1,787,403.60