S. FALLSBURG, N.Y. — Murray’s Grandma’s Chicken Soup Kit is being introduced by Murray’s Chickens. The kit includes an all-natural, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken already cut up. A sealed pouch full of great-tasting, fresh-cut all natural classic soup vegetables contains carrots, celery chunks, slice onions, potatoes, parsnips, leek and dill.

No-fail directions guarantee a foolproof pot of chicken soup every time, the company says. "This product was test-launched last year [and is undergoing] a full product launch now," Steve Gold, vice-president sales and marketing, Murray's Chickens, told MEAT&POULTRY.com.

To make the soup, consumers add chicken, fresh vegetables, salt and pepper. "Believe it or not, the number-one question we get at Murray’s is how to make chicken soup from scratch," Mr. Gold said. "Cooks have forgotten this time-honored tradition. Chicken soup used to be a staple on the dinner table, but now there’s a real fear of preparing it from scratch."

Each Murray’s soup kit feeds six people, the company said. The soup kit’s packaging is eco-friendly and eliminates the traditional foam tray. Purchasers can also use Murray’s Farm Source Verification code on the outside of the package to find out more about the family and the farm where the soup chicken was raised. Murray’s features the Certified Humane label awarded by Humane Farm Animal Care on each package. Murray’s family-farmed chickens are fed an all-vegetable diet with no animal by products. No antibiotics, growth hormones or preservatives are administered.