SMITHFIELD, Va. – Smithfield Foods Inc. launched its new interactive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that provides information to consumers about the food they eat, in addition to information about the company's CSR activities.

Its new website answers consumer questions and tracks data on specific sustainability programs, including the company's scorecard on environmental performance, animal welfare, food safety and quality, community involvement and employee health and safety.

"Today's consumers are hungry to know where their food comes from and how the companies who make it operate,” said C. Larry Pope, president and CEO. “We are excited to launch this site as an important step in elevating our commitment to accountability and transparency."

"Over the past decade, sustainability has taken hold at every level of our company, from our corporate offices to the farms,” Pope said. “This new site will provide an opportunity to listen and respond more quickly, while offering more in-depth information on the actions behind our words.”

“The Web has become increasingly social in nature, with social media channels becoming a primary source for information,” said Dennis Treacy, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer. “We hope this website will serve as an innovative medium through which we can more effectively engage in conversation with our customers and respond to their questions and concerns.”