In a new must-read paper from Avure, you'll learn how high pressure processing, or HPP, is being used by food processors to give consumers the high quality, delicious, safe and convenient products they demand, while meeting the requirements of regulators, governments, distributors, retailers and shareholders.

Avure, the global leader in high pressure processing systems has a track record of helping processors take their products from idea to market launch with HPP solutions for food safety, shelf life and delicious, high quality, clean label, new product innovations in these categories:

  • Pre-cooked and RTE sliced or whole meats
  • Fresh cut fruits, vegetables and juices
  • Dips, spreads, guacamole, hummus, salsa
  • Dressings, soups, condiments
  • Deli salads
  • Seafood and shellfish

You need to know how HPP acceptance and use are growing beyond all industry forecasts as processors use it to move from the realm of "What if?" to "We can do it with HPP!"

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