WASHINGTON –Notice 57-11: Reviewing Establishment Salmonella Control Programs for Raw Classes of Meat or Poultry Product was issued earlier this week by the Food Safety and Inspection Service. This notice instructs inspection program personnel (IPP) to become familiar with, and to review data from, programs establishments use to control or monitor
Salmonellain raw classes of product, according to the American Meat Institute.

Upon receipt of the notice, IPP must determine whether an establishment has procedures designed to address the control or the monitoring ofSalmonellain any programs within its food safety system (e.g., HACCP, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, prerequisite programs, or other programs the establishment does not consider part of the HACCP system). If the establishment has such procedures, IPP are to discuss these programs at the next weekly meeting and they are to document this discussion in a Memorandum of Interview.

On a weekly basis, IPP are to review the data from anySalmonellacontrol or monitoring program, unless another frequency is more appropriate based on when the establishments collects the data, in accordance with FSIS Directive 5000.2, Review of Establishment Testing Data by Inspection Program Personnel.

During the weekly meeting, IPP are to discuss with the establishment management any trends that IPP believe may indicate that a particular program is not controllingSalmonellaand ask what actions, if any, establishment management has taken to re-establish control.

IPP are to follow instructions in FSIS Directive 5020.1, Verification ofSalmonellaInitiative Program (SIP), Section IX. to verifySalmonellasampling and testing in establishments participating in theSalmonellaInitiative Program.

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