WASHINGTON – The Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued Directive 6410.1, Revision 1: Verifying Sanitary Dressing and Process Control Procedures by Off-line Inspection Program Personnel (IPP) in Slaughter Operations of Cattle of any Age, according to the American Meat Institute.

FSIS said this directive is being reissued to provide off-line inspection program personnel with information regarding how to verify that cattle slaughter operations are implementing sanitary dressing and process control procedures, and that the procedures they are implementing prevent contamination of carcasses and ensure that insanitary conditions are not created.

This directive also provides information describing how IPP are to assess the sanitary dressing and process controls cattle slaughter establishments employ in their food safety systems. Such controls are likely to include decontamination and antimicrobial intervention treatments.

Establishments should verify the effectiveness of these controls by sampling and testing for microorganisms of beef manufacturing trimmings, other raw ground beef components (including head meat and cheek meat) and raw ground beef.

The directive is available online.