VANCOUVER, British Columbia – EnWave announced it has mutually discontinued an ongoing research and development collaboration to test EnWave's powderREV pilot-scale dehydration technology with Danisco AS. The pilot machine has not yet achieved all project targets and would require some equipment modifications and further testing resulting in a longer development path.

Both companies agreed that in light of other priorities they would discontinue their collaboration. EnWave currently has six REV platforms: commercial-scale nutraREVand MIVAP are used in the food industry to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs and seafood.

"EnWave's collaboration with Danisco has been beneficial to the development of our powderREV technology," said Tim Durance, Ph.D., chairman and co-CEO, EnWave. "We will now leverage that development to attract other interest in the food and pharmaceutical areas, while intensifying our focus to reach commercial agreements with other current partners."

EnWave Corporation is a Vancouver-based industrial technology company developing commercial applications for its proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) dehydration technology. In collaboration with an expanding list of multinational partners, including Nestlé, Kellogg's, Grupo Bimbo, Grimmway Farms, Bonduelle and Ocean Spray, EnWave is introducing REV as a new dehydration standard in the food and biological material sectors: potentially faster and cheaper than freeze drying, with better end product quality than air drying or spray drying, according to the company.