LISLE, Ill. – Armour launched an option for sodium-conscious consumers who regularly buy pepperoni but aren't willing to sacrifice flavor.

The use of a breakthrough, all-natural sodium replacer allows Armour to reduce sodium by 50 percent compared to its regular pepperoni, according to the company. Armour Lower Sodium Pepperoni offers a snack and or ingredient choice for the nearly 25 percent of consumers who monitor sodium on nutrition labels.

"We've found one size does not fit all as pepperoni consumers have developed strong preferences for specific sizes, forms and flavors," said AJ Miller, brand manager with the John Morrell Food Group. "Our lower-sodium pepperoni offers an alternative for people with healthier lifestyles while giving them the great taste of pepperoni they love."

Pepperoni is frequently used as a pizza topping and, according to The New York Times, the Italian-American creation has become the most popular pizza topping in America. Other uses of pepperoni have also become more popular, and consumers are using it as a snack in itself with crackers or as an ingredient in a sandwich or salad.

Armour Lower Sodium Pepperoni is available in 5.0-oz. resealable packages. The product is now available at Wal-Mart, Meijer and other popular retail outlets, with greater distribution anticipated in 2012.