WASHINGTON – The second installment of seven new myth-crushing videos that sets the record straight about myths associated with the use of transglutaminase in some meat products was launched Oct. 25 by the American Meat Institute, in conjunction with the American Meat Science Association.

Information circulating on the Internet has raised questions about transglutaminase, which has the unfortunate nickname “meat glue.”

Dana Hanson, Ph.D., associate professor and meat extension specialist, food science at North Carolina State Univ., clarifies why transglutaminase is used, how it is labeled and why it is safe in the new video released this week on http://www.meatmythcrushers.com/.

“Transglutaminase is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the US Department of Agriculture,” Hanson said. “It is an ingredient that is safe for consumers to consume and it certainly doesn’t merit the conclusion you might draw after watching some videos on the Internet.”

A fact sheet, including questions and answers about transglutaminase, is also available on the Web page. Hanson’s video is the second of seven to be released onhttp://www.meatmythcrushers.com/during the next five weeks.