SOUTHGATE, Mich.— Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, a Detroit-area restaurant, made a 338-lb. "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" on Oct. 20, according to The Associated Press.The Detroit Newsadds the showing of the massive burger attracted a crowd of people hoping to get a glimpse of the $2,000 menu item.

Measuring three feet high, the burger packs 540,000 calories and took 22 hours to cook. The bun weighed 100 lbs. and the burger also featured 36 lbs. of cheese, 30 lbs. of bacon, 30 lbs. of tomatoes and 15 lbs. of lettuce.

Making mega burgers is a Mallie’s tradition. The burger sizes keep growing as the restaurant attempts to gain entry into the Guinness World Records. In 2008, their burger creation weighed 134 lbs.; six months later, it was 164 lbs.; in 2009, it was 186 lbs.; and in January, it totaled 319 lbs.