WASHINGTON – For November, US chicken exports totaled 344,242 metric tons valued at $385.25 million compared with November 2009 exports of 271,203 tons valued at $290.18 million – an increase of 26.9% in quantity and a 32.8% increase in value, according to the National Chicken Council.

Broiler parts led the way with 327,258 tons valued at $349.82 million for November last year, up 28.2% from the 255,320 tons in November a year earlier and up 34.9% from the $259.35 million in November 2009. Whole chicken exports increased 3.1% in quantity and 9.8% in value, while prepared chicken and sausages increased 12.5% in tonnage and 17.4% in value.

Chicken exports during January-November last year totaled 3,183,000 metric tons valued at $3,449.05 million compared with 3,395,559 tons valued at $3,534.47 million, a decrease of 6.3% in quantity and a decrease of 2.4% in value. Broiler parts exports reflected closely the overall chicken category with the quantity off 6.3% and the value down 2.5%. Whole chickens decreased 7.4% in quantity and 7.7% in value, while prepared chicken and sausages declined 3.8% in quantity but registered a 1.8% rise in value when January-November 2010 is compared to the first 11 months of 2009.

Russia was the top broiler parts market in November, taking 84,391 metric tons valued at $89.66 million, an increase of 67.2% in quantity and a 103.9% increase in value over November 2009. Parts to Hong Kong, the second-largest parts market in November last year, increased significantly with a 206.8% increase in quantity and a 218.5% increase in value.