BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. – Handtmann Inc. has launched its Handtmann Preventive Maintenance Program with No-Worry Service. Developed with extensive processor input, the company relays the new program is an effective way to assure OEM lifetime precision for Handtmann stuffer and linker operations.

Handtmann No-Worry Service addresses key customer concerns for ease of use and reduced repair costs by efficiently managing all major recommended upkeep and scheduled maintenance topics, delivering greater operational dependability and regularly optimizing equipment for performance, hygiene and safety.

The Handtmann Preventive Maintenance Program offers 1,000- and 2,000- hour service overhauls of all stuffing and linking lines in the processing facility and is designed to be customized to each plant’s specific needs. All No-Worry Service includes a 45 Function guaranteed preventive-maintenance process that assures OEM service quality, includes maintenance-based training and delivers detailed recommendations and reporting for continuous improvement and seamless record keeping.

Customers identified “peace of mind” as an added value and Handtmann said its OEM inspection program provides that added security in six key areas: Reducing operational risks; eliminating downtime; avoiding unplanned costly repairs that affect operations; on-site maintenance-based training that supports their plant staff; detailed recommendations that maximize the value of their equipment investment; and continuous care that increases the resale value of their Handtmann equipment.

For more information, contact Handtmann Inc. at (847) 808-1100 or visitwww.handtmann.com.