TORONTO, ONTARIO — Canada’s government launched on Nov. 13 a national awareness campaign focused on key farm-management practices designed to help keep animals healthy and safeguard the Canadian food supply.

Producers throughout Canada will receive tips and information about biosecurity measures, as part of the Animal Health Awareness Campaign. They will be encouraged to revisit their biosecurity plans, continue to observe their animals for signs of illness and regularly consult with their veterinarians on the health of their animals.

"Healthy animals strengthen the viability of Canada's agriculture sector — increasing food-safety protection for consumers and building trust and confidence among trading partners," said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. "Our government will continue to invest in on-farm biosecurity measures to protect the health of our animals and the industry as a whole."

This campaign, as well as national biosecurity standards, protocols and strategies for livestock, poultry and aquaculture production, was developed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in collaboration with producer organizations, provincial/territorial governments and academia.