WASHINGTON – Actress Claire Danes, who played Dr. Temple Grandin, in the HBO’s movie titled “Temple Grandin,” was awarded a Golden Globe for her performance. The movie was nominated for three awards: best movie, best actress and best supporting actor.

During her acceptance speech, Danes thanked Grandin, who was in attendance at the awards show.

“It’s just so special to be here with Temple tonight,” Danes said. “I have to thank Temple. She’s still at it. She’s still working with incredible zeal and devotion to illuminate mysteries about autism and animal behavior and I have to thank you on behalf of the literally millions of lives who have been dignified and improved by your genius.”

Grandin, a long-time columnist for Meat&Poultry magazine, is the author of AMI’s Recommended Handling Guidelines and Audit Guide, a member of AMI’s Animal Welfare Committee and has been the Institute’s principal animal welfare advisor since 1991. She is also the recipient of the AMI Industry Advancement Award – the Institute’s highest honor.