WASHINGTON – During December 2010, US poultry certified wholesome (ready-to-cook weight) totaled 3.69 billion lbs., up 6% from the amount certified in December 2009, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Agricultural Statistics Board, US Department of Agriculture.

The November 2010 revised certified total at 3.70 billion lbs., was up 12% from November 2009. The November revision represented an increase of 488,000 lbs. from last month's preliminary pounds certified.

The preliminary total live weight of all federally inspected poultry during December 2010 was 4.90 billion lbs., up 6% from 4.62 billion lbs. a year ago. Young chickens inspected totaled 4.23 billion lbs., up 7% from December 2009. Mature chickens, at 69.7 million lbs., were up 14% from the previous year.

Turkey inspections totaled 578 million lbs., up 1% from a year ago. Ducks totaled 15.0 million lbs., up 4% from last year.

During December 2010, young chickens slaughtered averaged 5.85 lbs. per bird, up 4% from December 2009. The average live weight of mature chickens was 5.79 lbs. per bird, up 5% from a year ago. Turkeys slaughtered during December 2010 averaged 30.0 lbs. per bird, up 1% from December 2009.

Ante-mortem condemnations during December 2010 totaled 13.2 million lbs. Condemnations were 0.27% of the live weight inspected, the same as a year earlier. Post-mortem condemnations, at 37.3 million lbs., were 1.00% of quantities inspected, as compared with 0.98% a year earlier.