CALGARY, AB – The Colorado Boxed Beef Company partnered with officials with Canada’s Beef Information Centre to develop and launch its High River Angus program.

High River Angus is a quality, grain-fed Angus beef branded program, selected from Canada AA beef (equivalent to U.S.D.A. Select), well-aged and with rigid specifications to ensure a consistently outstanding eating experience. Products in this line fall into a mid-range price category. There are a number of high-end branded Angus programs along with private-label programs High River Angus branded products that fill the gap with exceptional quality and affordable Angus beef, the company said.

“C.B.B.C. identified a gap in the marketplace that none of their competition offers an Angus beef brand for the mid-range consumer,” said Marty Carpenter, senior director U.S. market development for B.I.C. “Developing a program that meets this need and allows independent retailers to target this consumer is indicative of C.B.B.C.’s forward-thinking and progressive approach.”

High River Angus is promoted as being a “rich, red color and no dark cutters, no yellow fat permitted” along with “traceability from the farm gate with Radio Identification ear tags.” These attributes are part of the Canadian beef advantage and are key selling factors in this program, the company said.

“We have had very positive feedback from our customers,” said John Saterbo, senior vice president, sales and marketing, C.B.B.C. “They are impressed with the product, the quality Angus brand, and the fact that it is traceable to Canada also works with C.O.O.L. regulations, a bonus for retailers.”