DALLAS, Texas – Texas Hill Country Barbecue Inc. (THCB) is expanding production to meet increased retail and wholesale orders. The company has added smokers and will add hours and shifts as orders dictate, a company spokesman told MEATPOULTRY.com. “Their new plant in Henderson, Texas, is 24,000 sq ft and they have a lot of room to grow,” he added.

"We are pleased to announce that we have an immediate need for an increase in production to fulfill current requested wholesale orders,” said Jason Ford, president and chief executive officer. “Our wholesale partners are requesting products such as brisket, smoked turkeys, smoked hams and other refined THCB products for their holiday needs. THCB's retail restaurants will have the ability to serve their customers with quality smoked hams, whole turkeys and chicken, in a key market segment that will compete against Honey Baked Ham and other competitors nationally.”

THCB has produced quality food for nationally recognized institutions such as Wal-Mart and HEB for several years, he added.

THCB management said it feels very positive about the company's financial position with the ability to produce at THCB's plant quickly to meet the current orders, and in-turn show immediate profitability from the company's restaurant/retail component as well as from wholesale/manufacturing. The financial team of THCB is projecting outstanding results, from the current drive, with projected net profits of $500,000+ before the end of 2010.

Texas Hill Country Barbecue manufactures the sale of smoked meat products throughout the US. It produces smoked-meat products including brisket, sausage, pork ribs, pulled pork, barbecue sauce and other products under various production labels.