LOVELAND, COLO. – New York City-based Bistro Chat Noir’s Black Cat burger was recently recognized by theNew York Postas being one of the most exceptional burgers in the Upper East Side of the city. Meyer Natural Angus supplies the ground beef for this burger.

“My mission is for patrons to feel like they are enjoying a meal at an old friend’s house,” said Suzanne Latapie, founder of Bistro Chat Noir. “I want our diners to have a memorable culinary experience with an uncomplicated, neighborhood feel. Our signature Black Cat burger, like all of our menu items, is crafted with care using the best available ingredients.”

Meyer Natural Angus and Bistro Chat Noir have been partners for two years. Meyer has the highest standards in the beef industry – and because of restaurateurs like Suzanne Latapie, foodies are taking notice, states a news release. The New York Post article states in part, “[The Black Cat burger] delivers a textured, tantalizingly sweet payload.”

Meyer Natural Angus brand cattle are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are raised without the aid of hormones or antibiotics. Meyer Natural Angus verifies the origins of its cattle and has received “Certified Humane” designation for its processes. Meyer Natural Angus is a Meyer Natural Foods company.