FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Swelite, an ingredient made with pea fiber, reduces cooking losses and improves stability in the processing of poultry nuggets, according to A&B Ingredients.

Gil Bakal, managing director of A&B Ingredients, said the pea fiber acts as a “shape retention agent” controlling cooking losses and keeping the product in its original form. It also has the functionality to act as a meat extender.

Mr. Bakal pointed out that because the ingredient exhibits water and fat-binding capacity a recipe may be optimized using a paste of 1 part Swelite with 4 to 6 parts water at 5% to 10% incorporation.

“The paste can then be used on top of a recipe or it can replace pre-emulsions, meat or fat,” he said.
In cold emulsions Swelite stabilizes 5 parts of water and 5 parts of fat. In hot emulsions it stabilizes 1/6/6 with meat fat emulsions.