MARKOVCI, SLOVENIA — Vitiva has introduced the SyneRox HT Oxidation Management System for extending the shelf life of frying oils. Adding SyneRox HT to fresh frying oil reduces the formation of polar compounds and may extend the shelf life of the oil up to 100%, depending on the oil, according to the company.

“The contents of free fatty acids and polar compounds increase with frying time as a result of oil hydrolysis and degradation of hydroperoxides and/or dimerization or polymerization, respectively,” said Ohad Cohen, chief executive officer of Vitiva. “Our advanced Oxidation Management System solves this problem by significantly reducing the polar compounds formation and protecting the oil against oxidation and hydrolysis. The heat stability of the active ingredients remains and keeps their high performance in frying oil.”

SyneRox HT is a liquid that may be applied at the frying oil preparation tank. It is generally recognized as safe in the U.S. and considered a natural flavor by the Food and Drug Administration.